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Sound Your Best


Make Great Recordings

Ever wonder why some recordings sound so much better than others?

The answer is simple: Great recordings start with a great recording environment.

Even a simple vocal recording can be dramatically improved by using our sound absorption panels and other sound enhancing products.

Sound Absorption Panels, when constructed from the correct materials, smooth out the sound of your recordings while absorbing unwanted sound reflections.

Our Sound Panels absorb sound "evenly".

Say "No" To Foam

Studio Foam is used in most home studios.  Why?

Because it's cheap, and it seems to control unwanted sound reflections in your recording room.  But Studio Foam is keeping you from making great recordings.  Why?

The truth is, foam products mostly absorb the high frequencies.  This means that un-even Midrange and Low-Mid frequencies are bouncing around your room getting back into your microphones.

This causes delayed phase cancellation in those frequencies!

The result:  Your recording loses depth and sounds thin - especially in context of your mix.

Improve Your Mixes

Would you like to improve your mixing skills OVERNIGHT?

Let us install a few of our custom made sound panels in the room where you mix - in key positions on your walls.

The result: You will hear more detail in your mixes than you've ever heard before.  Your mixes will immediately be more smooth, more full, and more exciting.  Why?

Because our sound panels will "even out" the sound of your room, you'll be hearing your tracks in more true detail than ever.

Don't bother upgrading your monitors.  First, upgrade the sound of your room!  You will notice an immediate improvement in your mixes!